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Marriage and Getting Married in South Africa

The South African requirements for getting married are stipulated in Marriage Act, №25 of 1961. Marriages may only be officiated by licensed marriage officers (often times they are church officials), or at the local branches of the Department of Home Affairs.

The fiancés and two witnesses must be present and…

South Africa needs entrepreneurs. But how do you go about starting a business?

All it takes is a single good idea to kickstart your journey entrepreneurship and set you down a new path. Starting your own business has many rewards, highlights and aspirations, but before you get ahead of yourself…

Sutherlandia, also known as cancerbush (or kankerbos), is an indigenous herb known for its disease-fighting powers. This herbal remedy from Toplab range provides natural support for people with cancer, boosts the immune system and helps to purify the blood. Sutherlandia is also an adaptogen, and helps the body to deal…

Manna Blood Sugar Support 120'S (Organic)

Research, Studies, and Clinical Trials done on Manna Blood Sugar Support:

The active ingredient (Mesquite) in the Manna Blood Sugar Support Supplement was trailed and tested at

— The University of the Free State (dietetics department)

— The University of Pretoria (dietetics department)

— The Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa (2005 & 2009)

— The Medical Research Council of South Africa, published in:

– Journal of Ethno pharmacology 137 (2011) 298– 304



Only if allergic to ingredients


Manna Blood Sugar Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine.

Pack Size

120 Capsules


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